Friday 22 June 2012

New Joint System Tutorial

Additional Items:
  1. Do not have 2 props joined together touching (or intersecting) at the start of the simulation.
  2. In the shipped PoserPhysics 2012, you can anchor a prop to it's parent's "Origin" or "Endpoint".  This tutorial was done using PoserPhysics 2012 Service Release 1, which adds a third option "Child Origin" (with is the current props Origin point).
  3. The Poser Primitive box prop has it's Origin at the bottom of the box, and the EndPoint in the top of the box.
  4. The Poser Primitive sphere prop has it's Origin in the middle of the ball and the EndPoint at the outer perimeter.  So the EndPoint of the sphere is not generally a good place to anchor another prop to - parent to the Origin of the sphere.  You can link together many spheres (by parenting each sphere to other and setting the anchor point to the Origin) to get effect.
  5. The Poser Primitive capsule prop has it's Origin on the left end and EndPoint on the right end, so it is the ideal prop to use for linking components together as Ball or Hinge joints to create rope, etc.
  6. SR1 will also add a Universal Joint, which is simply a Ball Joint which does not allow twists.  The Universal Joint will be ideal for simulating chain links.

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