Friday 27 July 2012

PoserPhysics Extras

I am releasing a freebie bundle of utility scripts which assist with PoserPhysics 2012.  Once installed, the bundle is available in the Scripts -> PoserPhysics -> PoserPhysics Extras menu.  In some cases, these scripts require PoserPhysics SR1 (which is still a couple of weeks away from being released).  The scripts include: - Run this script to remove all physics simulation position and rotation animation keyframes from the scene for all props and figures.  This is handy when you change a figure or prop from Moveable to Keyframed (since you will want to delete the physics keyframes for that scene element). -  This script helps you create already (PoserPhysics) joined chains of boxes, spheres, capsules and chain links.  Select the shape, number of links and the gap between the links, then click the Make Chain button.  Once the chain is made, select the leftmost object and the click the Create Group button in PoserPhysics to create a Poser Grouping prop to enable you to move the chain around.  If using Hinge joints, keep the chain pointed in the X, Y or Z axis.  The following video was done with the help of this script....

DeleteAllChainProps - If you need to recreate your chain, then use this script to delete the original chain before recreating with - If you are using PhysicsForce props, you will not want them to render in your animation, so make them all invisible with this prop. - Use this script to see you PhysicsForce props if needed after using the above script. - This script will make every prop in your scene Immoveable (in PoserPhysics).  This is handy is you have loaded a large room scene with lots of furniture or other items which will be static in the simulation. - This script can be run to make the tower used in the following video.  You can amend the script to generate different shapes.  Remember to reduce gravity so the tower stays upright (use -3 or -4).

Download the scripts here.

Cloth Simulation

This is a video of an actual simulation calculation being done in Poser, using the PoserPhysics prototype Soft Body Dynamics system.  The ball is a rigid body and the HiRes Square is a soft body.

Chain and Cogs

A quick animation to try to simulate a chain around 2 wheels/cogs.  Chain was made with a helper script I'll provide for download when PoserPhysics 2012 SR1 is released, and is basically 20 boxes linked together with HingeZ joints..  Both wheels (cylinders) are motors in the Z axis.

Thursday 26 July 2012

Soft Body Dynamics

A very short video showing a Soft Body Dynamics simulation in an R&D version of PoserPhysics.  The steps are a rigid object, and the ball is a soft object.  The first take has stiffer settings for the ball, so it returns back to it's base shape quickly, whereas the second take has much looser settings.

I did this to prove the concept, but it might end up in a simulation tool at some point.

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Joint Anchors Tutorial

A quick tutorial showing the different joint anchor positions in PoserPhysics 2012 SR1.

Saturday 21 July 2012

PoserPhysics Force Prop

A new prop is being introduced in PoserPhysics 2012 SR1, which allows a force to be applied to a ragdoll part or prop at a certain frame.  The force can be applied to Moveable, or Keyframed Until Hit figures and props.  Keyframed Until Hit figures and props will be converted from Keyframed to Moveable at the frame the force is applied.  

Simply parent the PhysicsForce prop to the element you want to apply force to and run the simulation.  The force intensity and frame that the force is applied at can be set in the parameters dials of the force prop.  If the force prop is parented to a part of a figure which is not converted to a ragdoll (ie. a finger), it has not effect.  Set the force prop to be invisible prior to rendering the animation.

Samples are here:

Tutorial is here:

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Glass Ceiling

A quick PoserPhysics animation showing Ryan falling from a glass ceiling window.  The window is created with 5 semi-transparent boxes, held in place with an Immoveable frame.

Tuesday 17 July 2012

Chain Animations

This video gives an example of the types of chain animation that can be done in PoserPhysics 2012.  Each chain link is made up of 6 capsules, with fixed joints between each capsule - all capsules are 100% transparent, so they do not render.  There is a chain link prop that is parented to one of those capsules for each link (which is excluded from the simulation), and it is that prop that is rendered.  There are no physics joints between the links.

I have written a small python scripts to create the links, which I will release at some point.  The second half of the video shows how this script was used to help create the start frame for the final sequence.  The final sequence needed a smaller CFM of 0.000001 and a joint hardness of 0.8 (in order to keep the capsules together).

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Sunday 1 July 2012

Man Falling Off A Crane!

This animation was sent to me from a PoserPhysics 2012 user.  The gravity is set to -5 and the jointdamping on the ragdoll has been inrcreased to 0.005, both which slow the animation down to give the impression of "size".