Tuesday 17 July 2012

Chain Animations

This video gives an example of the types of chain animation that can be done in PoserPhysics 2012.  Each chain link is made up of 6 capsules, with fixed joints between each capsule - all capsules are 100% transparent, so they do not render.  There is a chain link prop that is parented to one of those capsules for each link (which is excluded from the simulation), and it is that prop that is rendered.  There are no physics joints between the links.

I have written a small python scripts to create the links, which I will release at some point.  The second half of the video shows how this script was used to help create the start frame for the final sequence.  The final sequence needed a smaller CFM of 0.000001 and a joint hardness of 0.8 (in order to keep the capsules together).

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