Tuesday 8 May 2012

Tower Animation

This is a sample PoserPhysics2012 animation.  This took quite some time to setup, since creating the tower presenting some challenges, getting the structure secure enough to simulate well.  There are 170 blocks in the tower, and the simulation time was approx 5sec per frame.  The tower was built using a python script (message me if you want a copy).  

The balls are launched into the tower by moved a "Keyframed Until Hit" ball inside a large immoveable cube left of the scene - which caused each ball to be repelled toward the tower at great speed.  

I will do a tutorial at some point detailing how this was done.

Other Videos
Here are some other videos which I've recently put up on youtube:

The above is a PoserPhysics2012 Tutorial

The above is a PoserPhysics Demo Real

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