Tuesday 8 May 2012

PoserPhysics2012 New Features

PoserPhysics2012 is nearing completion.  Unfortunately it is running quite behind schedule, but hopefully the wait will be worth it.  In summary, the new version of PoserPhysics includes the following:
  • An all new user interface, which is much easier to use, and is fully dockable and compatible with the Poser GUI.
  • The ability to specify the gravity of the scene via the GUI.  This is particularly useful for giving the impression of scale and magnitude (ie. Reduce gravity from -9 to -4 to give buildings a truly massive feel)
  • Simulations can now be stopped/cancelled prior to completion
  • Props can be parented to other props (via the Set Parent button in Poser), which results in PoserPhysics joining those two (or more) props in the simulation.  So complex simulation shapes can now be formed.
  • Ragdoll physics has been improved and is more robust
  • A Friction paramaters can now be set for each ragdoll and prop in the scene, to specify how "slippery" they are
I'll be posting a number of animations and tutorials here in order to help bring people all to speed on these new features.

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